The People's Smart Sculpture
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Artists, citizens, creatives change cities into places of art, culture and science: into European spaces of a new public.


The common goal is a “Smart Sculpture” designed by European artists, creatives and citizens which profits from the interplay of culturally different approaches.


We will have more than 500 single art activities in the 11 sub-projects and their workshops. Artworks and artists will be in exchange between the sub-projects and the different countries.


Project results will be disseminated on participative internet platforms to guarantee sustainable exchange between the involved artists and interested culturally engaged Europeans.

“The People’s Smart Sculpture” (PS2) is European project which fosters participative art and collaborative urban art&culture processes in Europe ́s cross-cultural city spaces.







Download Best Practice Study which summarizes the project results


The activities are organized on two levels: the implementation of cultural participation projects by artists, creatives and researchers and the ongoing optimization of the art and participation aspects in these projects through reflection and evaluation in participation workshops-series.



The implementation of the “The People’s Smart Sculpture” is based on the sub-projects that are carried out in cooperation by at least a minimum of two project partners. We will have more than 500 single art activities in the 11 sub-projects and their workshops. Artworks and artists will be in exchange between the sub-projects and the different countries…


Express your-self/city

Virtual urban art invites all citizens to participate in attending, responding and modifying 3D sculptures, linked to real spaces. These may be art works, fictional buildings, provoking sculptures or informative objects. Participants use their tablet device to create an augmented reality view and do modify 3D objects proposed by others. This fosters a creative process…

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The Public Space as

The is a continuing chain of district-related art and creative (e.g. conceptual and social) interventions as an experimental art, exchange and exhibition practice. Through an open call to cultural activists (artists, cultural and creative activists), a first of 12 tipping points (de: Kipppunkt/ Umkipp-Punkt) is identified and selected by the curator under the use…

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4D – Virtual Urban Art

The goal of this project is to create and use a system for increased citizen participation in the area of urban art, urban development and new ways of planning. Influenced by the socio-economical development, the urban centers experience constant change in their structure and often the people have minor influence in the decision making process.…

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The Journey to Abadyl

We work in our sub-project on digital narrative space, co-creation and audience participation. During the three years we will arrange a series of public art events and workshops. We call the events “The journey to Abadyl” and it will take place mainly at WH9 partly at HRK. A main objective of the sub-project is to…

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Trails of Memory...

In the densely populated area of Düsseldorf at the River Ruhr, there is a high demand to strengthen the urban space with artistic strategies. The places of the different projects of the HSD are to be defined with participants, e.g. in districts with a history in coal mining. The sub-project exists in three steps and…

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Young Expressions (Unge Urbane Uttrykk)

Designing innovative participatory and collaborative spaces that enhance awareness and mobilize to engagement amongst Urban European youth is a challenge. The Young Expressions subproject aims to explore opportunities for co-creation and collaboration through series of small projects that facilitate increased engagement and participation in civic, leisure and cultural activities among urban youth and children in…

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The Neighborhood Living Room

The Neighborhood Living Room studies ways how a museum could build a more dynamic and participatory audience relationship. The vision is that a museum could be integrated as a part of the community and act as a living room for citizens. The methods to be used are based on applied arts, community theatre, applied music…

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Move into the open space

The project starts with an experimental “art as research” activity through experimental photo-artists from France, Germany, Italy and Poland who will create artistic expressions of relevant industrial areas in change in Poland, including the Gdansk old shipyard. The projects intends to emphasize the need to involve the people of Gdansk into further planning processes and…

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Zagreb Upper Town: Change of Heart

The subproject “Change of heart” topographically refers to the Upper Town (Gornji Grad), the heart-shaped, historical centre of Croatia’s capital. It also symbolically emphasizes the need to foster new emotionally engaging, participative practices as crucial elements of the (re)construction of the Upper Town’s public sphere and its image in the perception of its citizens and…

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“The People’s Smart Sculpture” fosters participative art and collaborative urban art&culture processes in Europes cross-cultural city spaces. It is constituted by 12 project partners in 11 sub-projects in 8 European countries with artists and creatives from 29 European countries.

Hochschule Bremen - City University of Applied Sciences

Bremen, Germany

M2C Institute

Bremen, Germany

Institute and Museum Bitola

Bitola, Macedonia

GAUSS Institute

Bitola, Macedonia

Kristianstad University

Kristianstad, Sweden

Warehouse 9

Copenhagen, Denmark

Hochschule Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences

Düsseldorf, Germany

University of Oslo

Oslo, Norway

Children Museum Oslo

Oslo, Norvay

City Gallery Gdansk

Gdansk, Poland

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

Museum of Broken Relationships

Zagreb, Croatia


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